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We are now located in Murfreesboro, TN, just outside of Nashville.

Kandi Kain Danes is committed to raising and breeding healthy quality Great Danes who have a sweet and loving temperment.

Harlequin, Mantle, and Black puppies are being raised here for your loving home.


Kandi Kain Danes specializes in the careful and planned breeding of massive Harlequin and Mantle Great Danes.

Kandi Kain Danes was started in 2001 when we had a litter of pups from 2 Great Danes.

The Danes were named 'Kandi' (the female) and 'Kain' (the male).  It seemed too obvious that the pups were definately "Kandi Kain" Danes and so it was started. Ric is Tammy's husband now but even before he met Tammy he had always had a Great Dane by his side. After 35 years of Dane breeding they joined their efforts and as the say...The rest is history. 

Tammy fell in love with Ric and the Great Danes at the same time ! 

Since that day there has been steady growth as the awards, ribbons, and the love of the breed continues. We are in the process of building our babies a brand new kennel.  We can't wait to share pics as the kennel progresses.

It is not uncommon to see Ric or Tammy in the fields walking with and completely surrounded by these wonderful gentle giants. 

Great Danes absolutely love people and contrary to their size are not aggressive and do well  in almost any environment. They are "great" with children and are extremely docile, patient, and quick learners as they love pleasing and being affectionate to everyone.

 Harlequin, Mantle, and Black puppies are being raised here for your loving home. 

The Greatest Great Danes come from

Kandi Kain Danes

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Kandi Kain Danes kennels  are heated and air conditioned for the comfort of our babies.

I can't thank my husband, Ric, enough for designing and all the hard work he has put into the kennels to see these buildings go from a dream to reality for me.



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